Texas Rangers History

Want to know more about Texas Ranger History? What is the history of the Texas Rangers MLB baseball club? The Rangers were not always the Rangers, they started out the Washington Senators in Washington D.C.. The team was moved in 1972 to Arlington Texas and renamed the Texas Rangers. This is where the history of the Texas Rangers MLB baseball team starts and the history of the Washington Senators ends.

The Texas Ranger's played their first baseball game on April 15, 1972 against the California Angel's. They lost the game 1 – 0. The first hit in Texas Ranger's history was a single by their catcher Hal King. Their first win was not long in coming however as on April 16, 1972 pitcher Pete Broberg beat the California Angels 5 – 1 for the first win in Texas Ranger history.  In 1974 Texas finished in second place to the Oakland A's, who eventually became world champions. In that year Billy Martin was voted Manager of the Year. But this was to be about it for the 1970's, as one of the major highlights of that decade after that was the turning of the first triple play in team history on April 8, 1977.

The 1980's were fairly rough for the Rangers. There were however a few notable events. In 1980 Don Zimmer is named their eighth manager. In 1981 the Rangers were one game away from clinching a playoff spot in the strike shortened season. In 1983 the Rangers finish with a league leading ERA of 3.31, and a league leading fielding percentage at .962. And in 1989 a group of investors including an eventual United States President George W. Bush purchase the Texas Rangers.

In the 1990's the Texas Rangers finally break into the pre-season in Major League Baseball and got a new stadium both. In 1993 the Rangers played the final games in Arlington Stadium. The last game there was on Oct. 3, 1993. The year 1994 found the Texas Rangers playing in The Ballpark in Arlington. But it was in 1996 when they finally got into the playoffs. They were eventually beaten by the New York Yankees, but this was the start of what would be a run of three playoff appearances in four years to end the decade. The Rangers made the playoffs again in 1998, and 1999 where they were again beaten by the Yankees.

The 2000's start out with the Rangers signing their 16th manager in 2002, Buck Showalter. The rest of the 2000's however was filled with more lackluster records for the Rangers. There was one close season where they fell just three games short of reaching the playoffs. Most of the rest of the 2000's was filled with mediocrity and some individual moments of success for the fans. In 2005 Michael Young won the batting championship, and Mark Teixeiria set the major league record for RBI's as a switch hitter. Their most exciting feat was setting several Major League records in a 30 – 3 win over the Baltimore Orioles on Aug. 22, 2007.

The year 2010 was a landmark year in Texas Ranger's history. They finally broke through and made it to a World Series. The Ranger's won their first playoff series by defeating the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in game five of their series to advance to the ALCS, American League Championship Series. There they faced the New York Yankees for the fourth time in the playoffs. This time however the Rangers beat the Yankees in game five of their series on October 22, 2010. This put the Texas Rangers in their very first World Series. There they went down to defeat in five games to the San Francisco Giants, but it was a landmark in Ranger history.

That is a brief history of the Texas Rangers MLB club. It has not been an overly storied history, but, if the rest of the 2010s is like the first part, it just might be a turn around for an organization that deserves some good things.



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