Thanksgiving Ideas For Decorating Church Dinner Tables

You don't need to be Martha Stewart to come up with fabulous Thanksgiving ideas for decorating church dinner tables. A lovely table has a focal point based on a theme. Build in layers of texture and color and your table will become a rich array of visual appeal.

  1. Bling! Typically, a Thanksgiving dinner table is decorated in earthy, fall colors such as brown, forest green and amber. You can add a little bling with glitter and faux jewels available at local craft stores. Purchase tall, metallic candle sticks with gold toned candles stand tall and place them in the center of the table. Sprinkle glitter and gold and amber toned jewels liberally down the center for sparkle and pizzazz. Gold cording used as napkin ring ties it all together.
  2. Religious. This is a natural fit for a church dinner table. Frame religious texts or verses about thankfulness in four by six picture frames from a discount store. Place one at each place setting. Faux fall leaves scattered about give it an autumn feel.
  3. Family. Enlist a small child to lend a hand on this project. Trace the child's hand on an eight by elevan piece of typing paper. Copy the hand onto several sheets of fall colored paper and cut out each hand. Have children write one word on each hand, stating something they are thankful for. Attach these to small branches anchored in clay pots filled with sand and rocks. Cover the sand and rocks with peat moss.
  4. Natural. Bring a little of mother nature to dinner. Fill ten inch square glass candle holders with polished stones,and place small votive candles near the top. Scatter colorful fall leaves dipped in paraffin and pine cones on the table. For added color, run an autumn-inspired ribbon (three to four inches wide) down the center of the table.
  5. Candle Lit. Light up the night with clusters of candles. Group pillar candles of various heights on cake stands or large plates. Float earth hued candles in crystal bowls in the center. Glitter added to the water gives it a little sparkle.
  6. Pumpkin. Cut the tops off of several pumpkins of different sizes. Clean out the insides. For the mini pumpkins, simply secure a taper candle in the center for a candle holder. For the larger pumpkins, fill the bottoms with foam, then set a flower pot in the top. This is now ready for your bouquet of fall flowers and folliage.
  7. Urban. Black and silver are the key elements here. Spray paint messages of thankfulness on paper table coverings. This should be done several days in advance to allow the paint to dry and the fumes to evaporate. Empty soup cans (cleaned and the raw edges crimped) can be filled with small bouquets of mums, daisies or other flowers. Tie ribbons around the tin can bouquets for a more dressed up look.
  8. Child inspired. Cover the tables with paper table coverings. Put baskets of non staining markers and crayons on each table. Give children permission to decorate the table cloths using Thanksgiving as the theme for their artw ork.  
  9. Harvest. A beautiful basket of fall vegetables, such as squash or mini pumpkins, adds color and beauty to any Thanksgiving table. Place wooden bowls of fresh nuts in the shell, such as pecans, walnuts and cashews. Provide several nutcrackers for people to share at each table.
  10. Edible. A Thanksgiving table at a church dinner is a perfect place to display your culinary skills. Place cake stands down the center of each table. On each one, place a different fall-themed dessert. Appropriate serving pieces, such as knives, pie servers and large spoons, can be place on plates at the base of the cake stand. When dinner is over, the centerpieces are consumed, leaving only the crumbs to be swept away. Let your thankfulness be the inspiration for creativity as you decorate the church tables for Thanksgiving dinner!
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