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Thanksgiving is a holiday steeped in tradition. Many Thanksgiving traditions revolve around filling our bellies with an overdose of turkey and our brains with an overdose of football. Those traditions still count and are the sort of things that make Thanksgiving an enjoyable holiday. Looking to start some traditions to enhance your Thanksgiving Day celebrations? Take these five traditions out for a spin and see how they fit.


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1. Turkey Bowl: The only thing better than watching a football game on Thanksgiving Day is playing one. It is a great excuse to get with your buddies before shuffling off to see the family and accumulate an assortment of scrapes and bruises from the frozen ground. This will be your only chance to throw that winning touchdown pass into double coverage. Might as well take advantage of it.



2. NFL Football: After indulging in your pigskin fantasies all morning, you can spend the rest of the day seeing how the pros actually do it. If you're a Dallas or Detroit fan, you're used to this routine by now. If you're a fan of other NFL teams, you're sick of having games involving the Lions and Cowboys shoved down your throat. Quite a few teams play on Thanksgiving now, though, so there is plenty of viewing options.


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3. New Movie Releases: A few years ago, it dawned on Hollywood executives that Thanksgiving Day was a good time to trot out new movies. Entire families were at home with nothing to do, except argue with and scream at each other. Now they can go to the theater, shell out as much money on popcorn as they did on the Thanksgiving turkey, and see the latest special effects laden blockbuster.


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4. Pre-Black Friday Shopping: You can avoid the pushing, shoving, trampling, and waiting in long lines before the sun rises for Black Friday sales by going through the same ritual after the sun sets on Thanksgiving Day itself. Many stores have found out that offering their sales a day earlier means more revenue–even if it turns their store into a war zone.


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5. Gobbling Turkey (and other assorted food): When you break it down to the basics, isn't Thanksgiving really a celebration of gluttony? Entire families break diets and belts as they cram themselves full of turkey, dressing, potatoes, pie and whatever else their stretched out bellies can hold. No one in their right mind wants a week's worth of leftovers.

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