Is There An Invincibility Cheat For Battlefield 2?

If you find yourself with too many bullets in your avatar's head, you might need an invincibility cheat for "Battlefield 2." If so, your prayers have been answered, because there just so happens to be an invincibility cheat for "Battlefield 2." As long as you're playing against AI bots, you'll be able to brush up on your skills and no longer fear bullets with this awesome invincibility cheat for "Battlefield 2."

  1. Press the "~" key to enter the console window. For those who are stuck wonder if there is an invincibility cheat for "Battlefield 2," this is your first step towards salvation! Simply hit this key during the game to bring up a dark window in which you can enter text.
  2. Type in the code "aiCheats.code Tobias.Karlsson" to activate the invincibility cheat. It's as simple as that, really. Enter that text without the quotation marks in order to fully realize the benefits of the invincibility cheat for "Battlefield 2." Again, you have to remember that this cannot be used when in an online session, and only when playing against bots.

Finding out that there is an invincibility cheat for "Battlefield 2" is a double-edged sword. While it's great to be able to run straight into fire-fights without a care in the world, realize that you shouldn't use this cheat as a crutch. Indeed, this is a great way to get comfortable with using vehicles and different weapons, but the invincibility cheat for "Battlefield 2" isn't going to do much during an online match. Use it to help you get used to the game mechanics, and then get ready to become the king of every match you play! 

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