Things To Do When You Turn 18

So, you’ve just hit the big 1-8 and you’re in need of new things to do when you turn 18 or you might be planning some fun things for your big day! Either way, there are loads of things you can do on the day you turn 18 that you couldn’t do the day before. Rejoice being legal and finally getting to do all that fun “adult” stuff!

  1. Register to vote. When you turn 18, you’re officially considered an adult and this essentially means that you’re deemed worthy of participating in the voting process. This should be one of the first things you do when you turn 18 because it’s true that every opinion counts. Don’t forget this very important perk of being 18!
  2. Buy a pack of cigarettes. Many people that don’t even smoke tend to buy a pack of smokes on their 18th birthday simply because they know that they legally can. Even if you don’t smoke, it may be satisfying to go in and complete the task.
  3. Get a credit card. If you can find a co-signer, you can sign a contract and legally receive your very own credit card. Of course, getting a credit card isn’t recommended if you aren’t very good at managing your money, but it’s nice to know that you can, right?
  4. Rent adult films. Have you worn out your usual pornographic website with endless hits? Are you tired of clearing your browser history for fear of your parents discovering your secret “hobby?” Well, now that you’re 18, you can just go rent adult films without having to worry about not being of age for the act.
  5. Get a tattoo. If you don’t mind the thought of needles and having a permanent graphic on your body, you may want to consider this one. Maybe you can get a tattoo resembling your coming of age!
  6. Play the lottery. Since you’re 18, you can partake in what is known as the lottery. Go ahead and spend a couple of bucks on some scratchers at your local gas station. Maybe you can win back a little bit of spending cash for a pack of cigarettes!
  7. Last but not least, go see an R rated movie. All throughout your adolescence, you had to bring along an adult to get into these types of movies, but not anymore. You can simply flash your ID presenting your legal age and you’ll be ready to see your movie!
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