Things To Do When Your Bored At Home

Time flies by when you try different things to do when you’re bored at home. Sometimes everyone is stuck in a rut and becomes restless when there is nothing to do while the day goes slowly by. If you find yourself staring at the wall for excitement, then it is time to use your imagination and turn an uneventful day into something good.

  1. Catch up with old contacts. The internet has a wealth of information about news, places and people you have not seen in years. Now, long gone are the days contacting Oprah, or browsing the White Pages to look up people when you can do it online at home. There are social networking sites to look up long lost relatives, friends and acquaintances. You can find out how life is going for them, and this can be things to do when you’re bored at home.
  2. Record a video. Do not let boredom set in for long, as you can use a couple things in your home for entertainment–you and a video camera. Make a video while bored at home singing or dancing. A big bonus is to invite friends over and record a funny music video, or pretend to be crazy guests on a TV talk show and bring in laughter to make the day less boring.
  3. Invite people to your home. Fight boredom by cranking up music and dance away. To make it more exciting, call up friends and family and have a little get together serving food, drinks and entertainment turning a boring day to an exciting one.
  4. Clean or repair things around the home. If you have not gotten around cleaning a specific section of your house, do a little housekeeping when you are bored. If there are things need repairing, be a handyman to and fix things in your home. Also, use the time to rearrange your furniture or buy paint to color your living room or bedroom.
  5. Cook. Cooking takes time and can be a fun activity to do when bored. Find recipes online and whip up something delicious and tasty to your liking. Even if you are not fond of cooking much, it might spark your interest and may turn into a hobby.
  6. Make prank calls. It is something very juvenile to do but sometimes it is fun to kid around, especially with strangers when bored. Disguise your actual number dialing private and randomly call people disguising your voice and pretending to be someone you are not. The anonymity of prank calling is fun and no one has a clue where it is coming from. You have the option of inviting friends over to join in the joke to make it a blast.     
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