Things To Do In Williamsburg Va

If you're visiting Virginia soon, be sure to check out these things to do in Williamsburg, VA. Located on the coast of eastern Virginia, Williamsburg, VA is an historic town full of attractions and tourist hotspots. So when you stop by Williamsburg, VA, be sure to check out these things to do:

  1. Visit Colonial Williamsburg. The most well-known aspect of this classical American town is the section called historical colonial Williamsburg, VA. This historic area dates back to the American Revolutionary War, the eve of the soon-to-be modern United States.
  2. The Busch Gardens. Virginia's Busch Gardens, a theme park located within Williamsburg, VA, attracts tourists from all around the globe to its numerous attractions every day. Be sure to check out the thrilling "Mach Tower" while you're there!
  3. Check out the Jamestown Settlement. The excitement of living the life as one of the pioneering colonists of the New World is hard to beat. As one of the numerous things to do in Williamsburg, VA, the Jamestown Settlement contains historically-accurate replicas to further immerse you into its early-industrial world.
  4. Chill out at Water Country USA! The "Water Country USA" theme park is one of the more relaxing things to do in Williamsburg, VA. Cool down after a long day of history and culture at the Mid-Atlantic's largest water park.
  5. The Yorktown Battlefield. Where American independence was (partially) won, The Yorktown Battlefield is a blast from the past! It was here that the forces of Lord Charles Cornwalis of the British Empire surrendered to the French-American army of General George Washington.
  6. Historic Jamestowne. Not to be confused with the "Jamestown Settlement", Historic Jamestowne is the actual site of one of the first towns in the New World by Europeans. Authentic glass-blowers demonstrate their art, one of the first industries in America, to people along Historic Jamestowne's tour.
  7. Visit the Yorktown Victory Center! The Yorktown Victory Center is an historical museum of the American Revolution, complete with dramatic presentations of diverse peoples during the 18th century. The Center is state-ran and open daily.
  8. Historic Yorktown. Similar to Historic Jamestowne, Historic Yorktown is the site of one of the most pivotal battles in the history of the American Revolution. This area is a mere 15 minute drive from the core of Williamsburg, VA.
  9. View the Newsome House. A museum and cultural center, the Newsome House is a piece of African American history telling the story of a lawyer championing the rights of the once rising black middle class. Admission is free, but a suggested donation is encouraged.
  10. Experience the Peninsula Fine Arts Center. The "PFAC" is an artistic hub of creativity and communal advocacy. The Peninsula Fine Arts Center hosts an art school, alternative educational programs, and astonishing exhibits for the whole family to see.

From Historic Yorktown to Historic Jamestowne, from the Busch Gardens to Water Country USA, there is a whole lot of activities constantly going on around Williamsburg, VA. If one is lacking things to do in Williamsburg, VA, just take a walk outside and open up to the whole world of revolutionary culture the town has to offer!

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