Things Guys Wish Girls Knew

Guys wish girls knew all manner of things as you can see in the list of things guys wish girls knew. This is completely mutual. Until the sexes start having open, honest communications, articles such as this will be necessary.

  1. Don't disrespect. It's hurtful and hateful. Disrespecting a man includes shaming, mocking, belittling, the silent treatment, and a host of other negative behaviors that will wreak havoc on the fabric of your relationship. If these are behaviors you've both fallen into, and you don't know how to stop, seek help. Nobody deserves to be spoken to or treated as though they are "less than."
  2. Hugs cannot be overrated. Jonas Brothers' thoughts to the contrary, men need touch. They need to know that somebody has a strong desire to be in their arms. Guys wish girls knew that there are days when they come home and they just want silence and a hug. That's it.
  3. Sports rock. Games suck. If a vote was taken, their least favorite game would likely be "YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID!" Be honest. Say what you mean, and mean what you say. Guys are not mind readers. The silent treatment causes nothing but anger and confusion. If you expect a relationship to last any length of time, then stop with the games.
  4. Leave the past in the past. Don't make your guy pay for the sins of those who came before him. If you're that badly burned, then you need a time out. Conversely, don't bring up his past. Everybody has lived their life, had major relationships and made mistakes. Don't ask how you compare to his ex or who he loved more. That's a conversation that is doomed to end badly.
  5. Secure is HOT. Men love secure women. Everybody has insecurities. Just don't make them your focus. Guys wish girls knew that a woman with a quick wit and a great sense of humor will get his attention, and eventually more, every time.

Relationships can get complicated and difficult. They don't have to be. Just ask yourself, "Is this how I'd want somebody treating a loved one?" If it's not, then man up. Own your own, admit you behaved badly, and make a conscious effort to bring health and positivity to your relationship.

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