Things To Say To Your Girlfriend

Everyone knows the things you shouldn't say to your girlfriend, but what about learning things you should say to your girlfriend? The coin has two sides and guys would do well to use some of these tips and tricks. Don't fall into the trap of being tongue-tied when it comes to complementing your girl. You're life depends on it. Well, kinda.

  1. "You make me a better man." Every girl wants to think she compliments her better half. Not necessarily in his overall approach to life, however. Most guys will improve their dress and how they act in general if it has to do with impressing a woman. Back to the point. Woman love to hear these words: "You make me a better man" or "My life is better because of you."
  2. "You are beautiful." Don't overdo it with this one. Constantly telling your girlfriend she's beautiful will completely take away the meaning. Try getting her a bouquet of flowers and then saying this phrase. Props are always helpful. You always switch out "beautiful" with pretty, amazing, hot or lustrous.
  3. "You give me a reason to live." Here's your chance to master the art of BS. Practice in the mirror before attempting this. I'm sure the Cowboys, Bulls or Yankees (choose your own flavor) also give you a reason to live. Question: Have you ever slept with your team? Didn't think so. Look your girlfriend in the eyes and put and make it believable.
  4. "If I was an atheist, only you could make me believe in heaven." If you think this sounds corny, think again. Every girl wants to think she could bring heaven down to earth. This is another one of those quotes you should practice in the mirror. If your girlfriend walks in, just say you're practicing for the local theater or something similar.
  5. "Are your feet tired? Well, you've been running through my mind all day." Girls thrive on time and commitment even though you're probably thinking about her constantly under slightly different circumstances. It's OK to twist the story a little. No one wants to be thrown out onto the street. Not that she could do that anyway. Heck, drop the line and see where it goes.

Tips & Warnings:

  • Any of these sayings could backfire without the proper implementation. Always be sure to rehearse any quotes you're not familiar with. Unless you're a player, of course.



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