Things You Should Know About Your Girlfriend

What things you should know about your girlfriend? If you're serious about a girl, it's good to know her history and background, as well as what she's working towards. When you feel the warm fuzzies for a certain girl, it's time to get to know her. These conversations are fun and lay the path for a wonderful future together.

  1. Her full name. Do you know your girlfriend's full name? It is important to know who she is. When you want to know about your girlfriend, ask for her full name. If there is an emergency, you have this information and can give it to the proper authorities.
  2. Where she lives. If you don't know where she lives, it's a red flag. Make sure you know where her place is, even if you don't spend much time there. Have an address, too, as part of what you should know about your girlfriend.
  3. Her friends. Once you've established a dating routine, it's time to meet her friends. One of the things you should know about your girlfriend is who she keeps company with. As they say, birds of a feather flock together. Make sure your girl's feathers are nice.
  4. Her parents. Further down the road, it's time to know who your girlfriend's parents are. Part of what you should know about your girlfriend is where she comes from. More importantly, if the relationship goes deeper, you want to know if you can handle the in-laws.
  5. Preferences. What does your girl like? If you want to know about your girlfriend, become interested in what her preferences are. This is the give and take part of a relationship. Hopefully you have a lot in common, but it's always fun to try new things. The coolest aspect of knowing about your girlfriend is being able to pick up a birthday present or other gifts without asking what she wants.
  6. Sexuality. Sexuality is one of the things you should know about your girlfriend. It's not necessary to go into a blow by blow of every relationship she's had, but you should ask if she has diseases, is on birth control, and if she used protected sex in the past.
  7. Dreams and aspirations. It's fun to know your girl's dreams and aspirations. Of the things you should know about your girlfriend, sharing the future and what you want is stimulating. What is she working towards in her career? Does she want to get married someday? What about children? Does she have a certain vacation spot she's longing to travel to?
  8. Past relationships. Past relationships are part of the things you should know about your girlfriend. Sometimes women disclose prior relationships early on, while others play their cards close to the vest. If she hasn't told you about her past, ask. Like sexuality, you don't need to know every detail. Knowing if she's been married, has had significant long term boyfriends and why those relationships ended is good information.
  9. Education. If you're serious about this woman, find out about her education. If you met in school, ask what she aspires to get her degree in. If you've both completed your bachelor's degrees, it's good to know if she plans on going back to school for a graduate degree or an additional bachelor's.
  10. Where she grew up. Though it's not mandatory to know where your girlfriend grew up, it is part of getting to know her. Different locations offer different experiences, and your girl is unique due to the socialization she received as a child. Part of getting to know your girlfriend is sharing what happened, so be sure to let her know about your past, too.
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