Third Date Rules

Dating etiquette speaks of third date rules. So, how do you go about having a proper third date, and what are the rules? You don't want to mess up what potentially seems to be a good thing, but you also don't want to carry restrictions and rules too far. What are the third date rules?

  1. In the beginning. Not so long ago, people were expected to remain abstinent until marriage. Did that really happen? Of course not! Girls did want to appear lady-like and marriageable, however. Waiting until the third date meant not engaging in sex, heavy petting and sometimes kissing until after the third date. Today, the third date can still mean waiting until the "magic three" to engage in more than conversation and dinner, but typically by the third date, you (and the woman) are able to discern if you want to take the budding relationship further.
  2. What's next? So you're on the third date, you're digging the girl and she seems to be enjoying herself. What's transpired so far? Did you kiss her on dates one or two? Is she grooving on you as much as you are her? Or is the third date turning into a disaster? In order to take the next step in the third date rules, judge what's happening right now. If the date is going well, you might get lucky-or at least have the possibility of something more in the future.
  3. You or her? With the advent of women's liberation, some of the third date rules get a bit complicated. Of course, you're a modern guy and willing to go with the flow. So the third date is ending and you've had a super time. She's been flirty and inviting. You want sex. It seems that she does, too. Who goes first? Today, the woman is able to take charge on a third date as easily as the guy. If she invites you in for a nightcap and more, take her up on the offer. Maybe she wants to make out after dinner and subsequently invites herself to your place. Why not? Let the woman make the moves on the third date. Sometimes third date rules are meant to be rearranged!
  4. She's a bit distant. You're on the third date and having a good time, but the girl is a bit distant. What happens next? Absolutely nothing! Never pressure a woman to have sex and please don't force yourself upon her with unwanted kisses or other advances. It could be that she's into you but doesn't want to go further. If you go into the third date thinking that you are going to have sex at the end of the evening, you might end up sleeping alone. Let the third date play out naturally. Third date rules can mean leaving her alone until the fourth, fifth or sixth date-maybe longer.
  5. The real deal. The truth is, third date rules are ambiguous. What applies to one situation may not with the next. Some women will jump your bones on the first or second date. Others want to wait half a year before having sex. The real deal about third date rules is that if you make it to the third date with a girl you like, be proud. By the third date, you know her better. There's more to talk about. You can relax and when you do so, she is able to have a better time. What happens at the end of the evening is up to you. If you want to pursue a romantic relationship and you both are ready for sex, go for it. If you have any hesitation or sense the same in her, wait.
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