Third Date: What To Talk About

Finding what to talk about on a third date is something that guys all over the country are faced with every day. The third date is the transition date. This is the date that can make or break the relationship because it is typically when the two will have sex. Here are some topics to keep you on the right side of the third date conversation.

  1. Where the relationship is going. This might sound like its off limits, but there are ways to do it without actually telling your date that you want them to be your girlfriend. Drop hints that you’re a one-woman kind of guy or that you’re looking for a relationship and not just something cheap.
  2. Career goals. You’ve probably hit this subject already but you want to emphasize that you’re a good catch a great head on your shoulders. Don’t talk about your career too much because this could be a huge turnoff for your date. Ask her questions about her career path you’ll be a step ahead.
  3. Past relationships. If you’re on your third date then chances are that you like the girl and she likes you. Since you’re on your third date you should have already surpassed the flags of your date being hung up on their past boyfriends. Feel free to ask about her past relationships. Doing this will show that you’re comfortable with her and that she can be comfortable with you.
  4. Childhood experiences. Childhood experiences are an excellent thing to talk about on a third date because it will bring the two of you closer. Share a funny story about going fishing with your father or one of your best friends as a kid. Make sure to mix your stories so one of them is funny and the other one is heartfelt. This is essential for the third date because you can show a softer side.
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