Thoracic Aortic Diseases And Sex

Thoracic Aortic Diseases and sex are two things that can have trouble going hand-in-hand. Thoracic Aortic Disease is a life threatening condition but many people, who have been diagnosed with the condition can lead normal lives and have intimate relationships. However, there are thousands who die each year from a ruptured aortic, better known as an aneurysm. The disease is usually diagnosed by a health care provider. This can be done during a routine visit, or during a visit checking for something else. Hypertension and those who smoke cigarettes are at a high risk for developing the condition. Those who have been diagnosed with the condition have to follow a lifelong plan to watch the disease. It is imperative for those diagnosed with the disease to follow their health care provider’s treatment plan very carefully. Individuals, who plan on having a sexual relationship, will need to monitor a few things.

  1. Blood pressure. Individuals are normally given a blood pressure range. This is the number they are expected to keep their blood pressure targeted on. As we all know, sexual activity can cause a rise in a person’s pressure so this may be a little hard to do.
  2. Blood pressure monitor. Most individuals can purchase a blood pressure cuff to keep monitor of their heart rate. This may dampen the intimate mood, but it is better to be safe than regret it down the road.
  3. Stress. Stress during sex can also cause the aortic wall to rupture. It is important monitor stress levels as well; if not it could lead to an aneurysm. Aneurysms cause pain and bleeding; they can lead to death within minutes of the rupture.



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