Throat Infection Symptoms

If you think you have more than a mild sore throat, compare your symptoms with throat infection symptoms. Strep throat, a common bacterial infection, is highly contagious and transmitted through salvia and mucus. Although in usually affects children between the ages of five and fifteen, anyone can contract strep throat.

  1. Throat pain. Pain is one of the most common throat infection symptoms. Strep throat causes varying degrees of pain ranging from mild to severe. Your throat may appear red with white patches.
  2. Difficulty swallowing. Since your throat is sore and inflamed, difficulty swallowing is another one of the more widely-experienced throat infection symptoms.
  3. Fever. Throat infections often cause you to develop a sudden fever. The fever is generally the highest on the second day of sickness. Chills may accompany the fever.
  4. Enlarged, sore lymph nodes in the neck. If your lymph nodes are swollen, you will be able to feel a lump when you touch your neck or the area under your jaw.
  5. Loss of appetite. Strep throat often causes you to lose your appetite. Another throat infection symptom is an inability to taste or abnormal taste.
  6. Nausea. If you are suffering from a serious throat infection, you may experience nausea or vomiting. Stomach pain is also one of the many throat infection symptoms.
  7. Overall discomfort. Since strep throat is a serious infection, it often makes you feel very ill.

Although these throat infection symptoms are commonly linked to strep throat, your doctor will have to perform a throat culture to properly diagnose the problem.

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