Throw A Bowling Ball Perfectly

To throw a bowling ball perfectly, you must first know the proper form. Then, you need to practice the throw over and over again until you get it just right. Even if you know how to throw the bowling ball, you’ll never be able to perfect the throw until you physically do it yourself hundreds of times.

  1. Get the right sized ball. All bowling balls have different weights and different sized finger holes. If you can’t get one that’s customized just for you, try out several at the bowling alley. Keep trying different weights and finger hole sizes until you find one you can throw swiftly and easily and that feels natural in your hands. Remember, if the finger holes are too tight, it will affect your release.
  2. Start your approach. In order to throw the bowling ball perfectly, you first need to have the right approach. This is the part of the throw that creates momentum to get the ball all the way to the end of the lane and knock down the pins. Take a four step approach and start with your dominant foot – left foot for left-handed bowlers and right foot for right-handed bowlers.
  3. Swing the bowling ball backward before the third step of your approach. By the time you take the third step, the ball should be behind you at the highest point it will reach during the approach. Then, start to bring the ball forward as you take the fourth and final step.
  4. Cross your legs on the release. To help with your accuracy and form, cross your leg behind you. Now, one leg is at the foul line while the other is crossed. This action is done on the release. Release the bowling ball as you swing it forward with the forth step.
  5. Follow through after you throw the bowling ball. After the ball is released, continue moving your throwing arm upward, rather than simply stopping it. This action will help you get more momentum when you throw the ball, and it will also help you aim the ball to hit the pins at the end of the lane. Now, practice the throw over and over until you can do it perfectly.
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