Throw Mad Science Birthday Parties

Throw mad science birthday parties in style. Mad scientists have been throwing birthday parties for quite some time now. It just requires a few props and some imagination. Here are some ideas that will get you started.

To throw mad science birthday parties, you will need:

  • Lab coats (They do not have to be made for real laboratories)
  • Funny glasses (optional)
  • Caps, yarn, hairspray and glue for wig making or hair styling
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Imagination
  • Black light bulbs
  • Dry ice
  • Biohazard signs
  1. Obtain lab coats and other costume gear. You can use oversized white button down shirts for this purposes. Disposable lab coats are even better. You can get adult and children size disposable lab coats in bulk for under $2.00 USA each. 
  2. Decorate the birthday party with biohazard signs. Mad science birthday parties need warnings that participants are entering strange territory. Biohazard signs add to this effect. 
  3. Replace the bulbs with black lights. There are many things you can do with black lights, especially when you throw a mad science birthday party. Find some mad science experiments that you can do with black lights or just use the black lights to make the scene more eerie. Some food experiments can become very "mad" with blacklights. 
  4. Use dry ice. Dry ice makes great mad science laboratory fumes for birthday parties. Keep it out of reach of children. 
  5. Make wigs at the party. You don't need real hair to make a wig. You do need a cap that tightly fits on your head plus anything that resembles hair. Glue the hair to the cap. If your hair materials are floppy, spritz them up with hairspray or gel. Get all the party participants together for a mad scientist wig making session. Type "how to make your own wig" into your favorite search engine for other specific instructions. If wigs are too overwhelming, then style everyone's hair when they show up. 
  6. Make the craziest cake imaginable. Decorate the cake with eyeballs, a brain in a jar, the "Frankenstein" monster or any other mad science theme. Eyeball cakes and brain cakes are popular at mad science birthday parties. 
  7. Make funny bow ties. Mad science professionals need bow ties. This is true even at birthday parties. Cut pieces of construction paper in a bow tie shape and either glue them or pin them to the lab coats. 
  8. Give everyone funny glasses. Swimming goggles and stupid glasses from dollar stores work quite well. Even mad scientists need to be safe in the laboratory. 
  9. Research fun activities. Ideas include liquid nitrogen ice cream, slime recipes, fruit batteries, baking soda rockets, vinegar and baking soda volcanoes, "Alka Seltzer" grenades and snow making with snow polymers. Search for some of these ideas in a search engine. Many of them are essentials if you want to throw great mad science birthday parties. 
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