Throw A Water Polo Ball

Who would of thought that figuring out how to throw a water polo ball would be that difficult? But yes, throwing a water polo ball isn't as easy as you would assume. You can't just jump in a pool and chuck the ball around. There are guidelines, parameters, rules, if you will, to throwing a water polo ball properly. Check out these tips to throwing a water polo ball like a pro.

What you need:

  • Water polo ball
  • Indoor/outdoor pool
  1. The eggbeater. No, this isn't the utensil you use for making a tasty cake. The term "egg beater" refers to a swimming style you use to maintain your balance while attempting to throw the ball. It keeps you stable while you try to line up your throw. It's a simple circling of your feet under water to keep your upper half above the water. You'll be relatively still and more apt to throw accurate passes.
  2. Holding the ball. You can only hold the water polo ball with one hand. Touching the ball with two hands at once automatically means a turnover and you'll have to give the ball up to the other team. You can only throw the water polo ball with one hand as well. So, get used to gripping and tossing the ball around with your dominant hand because it's the only one you can use.
  3. Dry passes. These are passes with the water polo ball that don't result in the ball touching or submerging itself in the water. You'll commonly see lobs and overhand passes in games. These are pretty easy passes to do.
  4. Wet passes. These passes actually use the buoyancy of the ball to make the equivalent of a bounce pass into the water. This type of pass needs a lot of practice. It's all about feeling out the water and learning the geometry involved in making successful wet passes. Practice the angles with which you throw the ball at the water to get a feel of how it will ricochet and move.
  5. Shooting. You can't win if you can't score. Throwing the water polo ball to score is a whole different skill. You need to be precise. In order to shoot the ball you need to use your torso and arm power to take a good shot. Here's how to do it. Twist your torso so that your shooting arm and shoulder is cocking backward. Simultaneously raise and pull your arm back in a sling like motion. Finally, all in one motion push forward with your throwing arm and release. Power every time.
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