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Menacing and swaggering are the best two words that people would call all T.I. albums. Those who aren't strongly familiar with the artist, might describe his split personality as bizarre. However, when T.I. is interviewed, he comes across as normal and relatable. A southern-based rapper, T.I. is a breath of fresh air in the ongoing east/west coast gangster rap rivalry. T.I.'s lyrics are street-smart and his beats are energetic; you will play his songs over and over on your MP3 player.

"Trap Muzik" (2003).


This is one of the earliest of T.I. albums. "Trap Muzik" was his second album, which hit platinum in December 2003. The overall themes in "Trap Muzik" are materialism, dominance, and hedonism. In the single, "24's", T.I. raps about things that motivate him in life, "money, loose women, cars and clothes, that's how all my brothas know." In "Be Easy" T.I. expresses how he's the man, "I'm the answer to your prayers if you prayin' for change, so I dare you compare us and say we the same." T.I. talks about having sex with random women in "Let's Get Away". At the beginning of verse two in the song, you'll hear him say "From Miami to Cali, from Vegas to Jersey, Got 'em in Houston, Virginia, New Orleans, ya heard me?"

"Urban Legend" (2004).


Just a year after "Trap Muzik" being released, songs from "Urban Legend" hit the radio. Going platinum status once again, this was the second of successful T.I. albums. In "Urban Legend", T.I. raps about his success and how well he is admired. Listen to "Bring 'Em Out", because the lyrics say it all, "T.I.P. coming from the V.I.P., heard the night life lost life when I leave." Or, listen to "You Don't Know Me", where he boasts that "Quit tellin' brothas you my partna, you don't know me, Don't be a groupie, keep it movin', you don't know me."

"King" (2006).


Despite this T.I. album's name, there is a little more humility being expressed in his songs. T.I. rhymes about missing his homies and hoping that he'll meet them some day up in heaven, in "Live in the Sky". In another single, "Why You Wanna", T.I. admits that he likes to pamper women and be kind to them. You'll hear him say "Hey shorty, why you gotta act like that? I'm just tryin' to be nice to you" or "I got a mansion and a gate, you wit me you safe, a Benz, a Phantom, a truck wit 23's the case."

"T.I. vs. T.I.P." (2007).

T.I. vs. T.I.P.jpg

T.I. raps about his inner battles this album. The battles are between him (T.I.) and his alter-ego (T.I.P.). This is the most unique of T.I. albums. There are three acts. In the first act, the artist raps as T.I.P.; and in the second act, he raps as T.I. In the last, but short act, T.I. and T.I.P. confront each other. The popular single, "Big Things Popping" is in Act I. In Act II, listen to "Show it to Me", featuring Nelly. This is one of the most energetic T.I. songs. In Act III, the album concludes with "My Type", which is a perfect finish.

"Paper Trail" (2008).

Paper Trail.jpg

This is the sixth T.I. album produced. The album has a clever name, because he wrote his lyrics on paper this time around. "Paper Trail" features hot singles such as "Swagga Like Us", "Live Your Life", and "Dead and Gone". In this T.I. album, you'll note that big artists such as Mary J. Blige, Justin Timberlake, and Rihanna are partnered up with him.

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