T.I.: Style

T.I.'s style combines the spirit of a hustler and the swagger of a college kid. The musician continues to re-define himself in the public eye. He is quickly becoming a stylish hip-hop icon. Achieve the rap superstar’s signature style by following these simple tips.

  1. Shades are a must have. Wear darkly tinted designer sunglasses indoors or out. T.I. always wears stylish shades during interviews and public appearances. Dark shades are funky and fun. Designer brands are a plus.
  2. Always wear dark denim. A nice pair of loosely fitted jeans is essential to achieve T.I.'s style. Buy comfortable jeans. Make sure they aren’t too baggy. Jeans are essential to hip-hop culture and style.
  3. Get some white T-shirts. Every man should have crisp, white T-shirts. V-necks and crewneck T-shirts can be worn underneath hooded sweatshirts, cardigans and buttoned shirts.
  4. Purchase button down shirts. Freshly pressed buttoned shirts can make any man look dapper. T.I. can be seen wearing luxurious buttoned shirts during public appearances. Buttoned shirts can be solid colored or vertically striped.
  5. Sport a fitted cap. Support your favorite baseball team by wearing fly fitted caps. Rapper T.I. can be seen wearing fitted Atlanta Braves hats.
  6. Know when to dress up. Urban style can be comfortable, edgy and stylish. Well-fitted, custom-tailored suits are classic and sophisticated. T.I. wears luxurious suits on the red carpet all the time! Every man must dress up every now and then; T.I. is no different.
  7. Include preppy elements. Cardigans and polo shorts are a must have. T.I. style combines street elements with expensive luxury brands. Buy classic brands like Ralph Lauren.
  8. Wear jewelry. Splurge on platinum, diamond studded chains, watches and earrings. If that isn’t in the budget, wear nice watches, crosses and dog tags.
  9. Be confident. T.I. is very sure of himself. His personal style goes well beyond the clothes he puts on his back. Stand up tall and walk with confidence.  Redefine expectations and assumptions. Maintain style, comfort and image.
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