Tiger Woods Endorsements

Tiger Woods endorsements have been, and still are, worth millions of dollars. Before that fateful Thanksgiving night in November 2009, when all of the sordid details of his infidelities with multiple women was revealed, Woods was the athlete of choice for his squeaky-clean image. While Tiger Woods is now just as famous for his dalliances with prostitutes as he is for his golf stroke, he's still raking in the money with endorsements. Let's now take a look at some of his famous past and present endorsements:

Nike. In 2000, Tiger Woods signed one of the biggest athlete endorsements ever when he entered a five-year contract with Nike. Reported to have been worth $105 million, the deal was actually an extension of a 1996 multi-million contract. The endorsement was so comprehensive that Woods wore Nike even when appearing in promotional events and advertisement for other sponsors. Other sponsors wanted him so bad that they didn't even mind the Nike apparel. Unlike other sponsors, Nike has decided to stick with Tiger Woods despite the 2009 scandal and he continues to represent Nike throughout the world.

TAG Heuer. You have to give credit to TAG Heuer. The Swiss watchmaker makes Tiger Woods look sexy and mysterious in their ads for their professional Golf Watch. TAG Heuer enlisted the help of Woods to create and promote a watch specifically for golfers. TAG Heuer may not be rolling as much pushing their Tiger Woods ads as much as before but he is still the face of their Golf Watch as of now.

EA Sports. EA Sports is a gaming company whose deal with Tiger Woods includes the production and distribution of video games featuring him. Most recently, they released Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters. While EA Sports is still using Woods' name and celebrity, it remains to be seen how much longer the endorsements will last as his face doesn't even appear on most retail versions of the game. 

General Motors. Another one of Tiger Woods' big endorsements was with General Motors. After nine years, the deal ended a year early in late 2008. General Motors was feeling the pinch of the recession while Woods, according to them, wanted more time for his growing family. The endorsement deal was worth about $7 million a year. Apparently, Woods really did like driving General Motors vehicles as it was a Cadillac Escalade that he crashed into a fire hydrant a year later. Whether they liked it not, General Motors got free press. 

Gillette (Proctor & Gamble). Add Proctor & Gamble's Gillette brand to the list of lost endorsements. Proctor & Gamble decided to not renew their endorsement deal with Tiger Woods when it expired at the end of 2010. Woods must be kicking himself now because he represented their Gillette razors even to the point of shaving himself live at promo events.

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