Tiger Woods Girlfriends

This list covers all of Tiger Woods's girlfriends. He is considered to be one of the best golf players, but in the year 2009 he went through some very rough times. He went from being one of the greatest golf players in the world to one of the most famous adulterers in America. A married man, the press discovered he had not just one lover but various! The media made a scandal out of it and the girlfriends of Tiger Woods jumped to fame, being interviewed here and there. Here’s a list of the most famous ones.

  1. Rachel Uchitel. Rachel Uchitel, a 36 year old woman, was Tiger Woods’s first girlfriend while married. She was thrown into the spotlight when a photographer from the National Enquirer took a picture of her while entering into Tiger Woods’s hotel in Australia. She’s the manager of several New York night clubs as well as a TV correspondent. Her last appearance in show business was in the VH1 program “Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew.”
  2. Loredana Jolie. Loredana Jolie was Tiger Woods’s 9th girlfriend that appeared in the media. Michelle Braun, one of the top Hollywood madams, revealed the Tiger-Loredana affair to the Huffington Post. Jolie is a playboy mate and was chosen as Cyber Girl of the week in 2002.
  3. Jaimee Grubs. When the Rachel Uchitel scandal was still a hot topic in the media, Jaimee Grubs appeared to shock Tiger’s life once again. She was pointed out as his second girlfriend. Jaimee took advantage of the situation and appeared in different newspapers and TV channels telling details of her relationship with Tiger Woods. She even published voice messages Tiger left for her.
  4. Jamie Jungers. Jamie Jungers decided to tell her story involving Tiger Woods by her own. In an interview given to Britain’s Sunday Mail in December 2009, she told the world that she had been having an affair with the golfer for about eighteen months. Everything started in the fancy Bellagio in Las Vegas. They continued seeing each other at Woods’s mansion in California where he lived with his wife.
  5. Mindy Lawton. Mindy Lawton, another one of Tiger Woods’s girlfriends, has talked about their secrets the most. She had no trouble in telling the media about her sexual life with Woods or about how they met in Florida where the golfer trained.
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