Tightness In Chest After Eating

Tons of people complain about chest pains after eating. There are a number of explanations for the pains, ranging from stomach acid to just eating way too much. Here's what we can tell you about tightness in your chest after eating.

Acid Reflux. The most common explanation for tightness in your chest after eating is acid reflux. Acid reflux is simply when your body releases too much acid and it travels up your esophagus, which can as painful as it sounds. Common causes of acid reflux are stress, obesity, eating fried foods, and being pregnant. You can pick up some over-the-counter anti-acid reflux relievers anywhere medicine is sold.

Over Eating. Sometimes we tend to just eat too much. Whether it's losing track of time when the game is on or just hanging out with the guys, sometimes that extra hotwing can do some serious harm to your stomach. It can also give you some tightness in your stomach or chest.

Dyspepsia. Another reason that could cause pain in your chest is dyspepsia. Dyspepsia can be caused by as many things as burping, nausea, and acid reflux.

Heart Arrhythmia. Heart arrhythmia reffers to any irregularity of the heartbeat. An irregular heartbeat can lead to some serious health problems throughout your lifetime and requires monitoring of your heart's condition periodically.

If you are having any tightness or chest pains, even when it isn't after eating, you should consult a doctor right away, as it could be something worse than you thought it could be.

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