Timex Heart Rate Monitor Troubleshooting

Timex heart rate monitor troubleshooting tips is a simple process that has many steps in common with troubleshooting any electronics device. Some of the steps listed here can also be applied to computers and stereos. However, if you are reading this article, you either need the device for medical reasons or to see what your work out.

  1. Check to see if the back of the chest strap is still moist. Apply a few drops of water to the contact areas if the contacts are dry.
  2. Check cables. A cable that is connected improperly or not at all does not allow the user to monitor a heart rate. Check the connections to make sure they are adjusted properly.
  3. Check for damaged wires. Replace any damaged electrical cords.
  4. Check where the transmitter is placed on the chest. If the patches are placed in areas where there is a lot of chest hair, the wires may not be able to transmit the electrical signal properly. Move the patches to a less hairy spot.
  5. If you live in an area prone to cold or dry weather, a Timex heart rate monitor may just take some time to warm up. Give it a few minutes to see if the problem sorts itself out on days that fit either or both of these criteria.
  6. Batteries. If the signal seems faint or inconsistent, check the heart rate monitor's battery
  7. Signal strength. If the signal is weak or interrupted, the Timex Heart rate monitor may suffer from interference. In rare cases, you may get someone else's signal. If this happens, reset the monitor and start over.

The process of troubleshooting any piece of equipment involves tracking down the problem and attempting something to correct it. If a particular part of the monitor is bad, you can confirm that it is the problem by replacing it with a piece of equipment from another Timex Heart Rate monitor that is known to be good.


Heart Rate Monitor Problem Solving

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