Tiny Models

Tiny models in height, weight and stature are a rare thing in the modeling industry, as most models are women who are tall, striking and voluptuous. However, the few tiny models out there who actually have careers in the fashion and modeling industry actually give hope to smaller women out there who have always thought or been told that they couldn't be models themselves because they just weren't tall enough. Look at the list of the tiny models below and check out how they became popular, proving you don't have to be one size or look to successfully model anymore.

  1. Eva Pigford This tiny model was the "America's Next Top Model" cycle three winner proved to the judges and audience on the reality show that she could be small and still striking as a model. She stands at only 5"6 and a half in height.
  2. Jamie Rishar This pixie-like tiny model stands at only 5"7 in height, which is smaller for an average model. However, she has been on the cover of Italian, German and Australian "Vogue."
  3. Josie Maran This 5"7 tiny model has been incredibly successful model despite her smaller stature. For a number of years she was the face of the Maybelline cosmetics line as well as a former Guess Girl.
  4. Twiggy Lawson At only 5"6 inches tall, Lawson was one of the tiniest models ever. Yet she still managed to become one of the world's first supermodels between the years 1966 and 1970.
  5. Kate Moss The well-known supermodel is considered a tiny model as she is only 5"7 inches tall but is also known to be incredibly thin. However, Moss is one of the most prolific and well-known models in the world.
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