Tips For Adjusting Wakeboarding Bindings

There are many tips for adjusting wakeboarding bindings out there so you can get the most from your sport. You want to ensure that you’re safe and not sorry when the time comes. This means you should keep these tips in mind at all times to get the most from your wakeboard. It might also be beneficial to the life your bindings and wakeboard as a whole.

Things you'll need:

  • A wakeboard
  1. Bindings are important when it comes to your wakeboarding experience. Even the littlest of tweaks can make a huge difference when riding in both your performance and comfort level.
  2. Adjusting the bindings at the heel. Do not change the factory setting for the lean you get and check out how the lean is effective when leaning on the wakeboard. If you’re not comfortable with the lean, an adjustment can be made. Adjust the high back a few degrees from the board. This allows more range of motion when wakeboarding.
  3. Heel cup adjustments. The high back should become parallel with the boards edge when on an angle. You can do a rotation adjustment to ensure that the high back is brought back to the edge if it does not already do it. You should make sure it feels comfortable to you when adjusting the wakeboarding bindings.
  4. Adjustable disk on bindings. You want an equal amount of overhang while also being able to fit your feet comfortably on the wakeboard. You want to make sure the straps are even with the disk. If you’re feet overhang and it becomes uncomfortable, you want to readjust this until it feels comfortable again.
  5. The straps are an important aspect of wakeboarding. They should be easily adjusted to fit over the foot without pulling too tight or being too loose. They should be evenly aligned with the board and your feet. You can also adjust the pad at this time. This should be a snug comfortable fit and allow you the most range of motion. You have control over the board and if you cannot move, it is not going to work out. 
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