Tips On Building A Cedar Fence

Once the decision has been made to try your hand at building, you want to make sure to remember a few tips on building a cedar fence to ensure a smooth project. Building a cedar fence yourself is a great way to not only enjoy the weather, but show your talents to the entire neighborhood. Following, or keeping these tips will have you looking like the professional do-it-yourselfer that all the other fences will be jealous of.

  1. Check the property lines for all sides of your home. Making sure you contact the city to verify the correct property lines will make sure none of your neighbors get upset about your fence being on their property. The ability to gain an inch to your yard when building a cedar fence is just not worth the fight with the neighbor over their loss of the same inch.
  2. Check all rules and regulations Understanding all city codes, ordinances, and regulations before building a cedar fence will make sure you don't run into any problems along the way. Make sure that any permits needed are obtained before the first board is laid to make sure you don't get shut down in the middle of construction.
  3. Standing straight Making sure that the post are set straight is the first step in building a cedar fence that is perfect. Make sure to set the corner post first, then run string along to make sure each post between is set perfectly. Also, make sure you dig deep enough, and set the post properly other wise your entire fence will be a bendable toy to the first wind storm.
  4. Proper distance Having the post set the proper distance from each other will make sure your fence has a longer life then most. When building a cedar fence, the posts should be set the same distance apart, usually six to eight inches, throughout the entire fence.
  5. Don't gap the boards Cedar boards come wet, and shrink when dry, so the boards need to be placed side by side without any gap. If the gap is placed before the board is dry, your gaps will be too large and the fence will lose its strength.
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