Tips On Camping In The Rain

Looking for a few tips on camping in the rain? Camping is always an exciting experience, but the weather does not always cooperate. If you are camping in the rain, you will need to keep your tent and bedding dry. It is very easy to get sick and suffer from hypothermia when it is raining, so you need to keep yourself dry and warm, as well.

  1. Keeping Your Tent Dry. It is critical that you keep your tent dry while it is raining. While you are setting your tent up, you should look for a flat spot that is not in the low point of a slope. You should also have a rain fly installed on the tent. To prevent condensation from forming on the inside walls of your tent while it is raining, you will need to keep your tent well ventilated.
  2. Keeping Your Bedding Dry. If you know that it will be raining during your camping trip, you should purchase a synthetic sleeping bag, as they will remain insulated even when they are wet. You do not want to sleep with your head under the covers while it is raining because doing so will increase the level of humidity within your sleeping bag, which will cause your sleeping bag to become damp. When the rain slows down, you should air out both your tent and sleeping bag to remove condensation.
  3. Keeping Yourself Warm And Dry. Generally speaking, rain water is cold, so you need to make sure that you keep yourself warm and dry to prevent yourself from getting sick and/or developing hypothermia. Instead of wearing a single layer of heavy clothing, wear a few layers of lighter clothing. If you must go outside in the rain, be sure to have an umbrella or rain poncho handy. If you are wearing a rain poncho, you will need to change your clothes several times a day because a rain poncho does not allow perspiration to escape, which means your clothing will slowly become damp.


  • Once the rain has stopped, it will be hard to find dry wood to start a fire. Many people have had success starting fires by using birch bark, even if the bark is damp or wet.
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