Tips For Crag Climbing

Try these tips for crag climbing to improve your overall climbing experience. A crag is a steep, rugged rock or cliff. Crag climbing is a popular sport that requires the right gear, training and motivation. Climbers can just climb one pitch or can multi-pitch to the top to enjoy the view. Climbing for sport has been around for over a hundred years, but has not been recognized as a true sport until recently. With the invention of gear such as belaying devices, climbing ropes, bivouacs and other things, like cams, climbers have been able to accomplish bigger feats than anyone thought possible. These crag climbing tips can help beginners to make the same accomplishments with time and practice.

  1. Know how to belay. Belaying is a huge part of crag climbing. It is important to know how to belay the lead climber and any other climbers during a climb. Improper belaying can result in injury or even death.
  2. Use the proper gear. Crag climbing requires many different types of gear. Make sure to pack all of the gear in advance for the route that is going to be used. Climbing guide books should have all of the information available about what pieces of gear are need, such as ropes, cams, extenders, etc.
  3. Pre-plan the route. By planning the route in advance the climber will be able to not only pack the right gear, but also know how long the route is going to take. Some crag climbs can take a few days.
  4. Pack efficiently. This is an important tip for climbers. Carrying too much weight can make a climb harder, pure and simple. Necessary gear, food and drink should be all that is in a climbing pack.
  5. Use common sense. If a climber thinks that a route is too hard, one of the best and safest things he can do is to rappel back down the rock. Increasing a climber's ability is a good goal to have, but if the climber can't finish the climb he should not try.
  6. Take a cell phone. If there is an emergency on the rock, search and rescue may need to be called. Take a cell phone or hand-held two-way radio to get in touch with the right people.

The great thing about crag climbing is that it can be done anywhere in the world. Climbers love the freedom to travel around, see new places and try new routes. Another fun thing about crag climbing is finding new routes and setting them up. It can be time consuming, and there is always a lot of trial and error, but it is worth the finished product.

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