Tips For Earnest Hemingway Style: D?cor

Need tips for Ernest Hemingway style decor? The best place to get tips for Ernest Hemingway style decor, is to take a trip to the Hemingway House and Museum in Key West, FL. This home turned museum was the place where Ernest Hemingway spent most of his time when he wasn't traveling. Ernest Hemingway himself didn't put much input in the over all style of the house, most of the pieces that give the house its style were collected by his wife Pauline during her travels or are a part of her over all vision. Despite not having much interest in home decor himself, Ernest Hemingway was an art lover who contributed to the style of the house in Key West with paintings and sculptures that were given to him by the likes of Pablo Picasso and antiques that he found during his travels. No matter who put in the work to giving the Hemingway house it's style the one tip for Ernest Hemingway style decor is that Ernest Hemingway style decor is a mix of ornate, European decadence, Spanish tiles and great art.

  1. Change your lighting. A change in lighting is the easiest tip for Ernest Hemingway style decor. When the Hemingway's moved into their home in Key West, Mrs. Hemingway had all of the ceiling fans and lighting fixtures with chandeliers that she had purchased in France. While you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on chandeliers for your home, replacing those plain, boring light fixtures for something that is more ornate is a simple tip for Ernest Hemingway style decor.
  2. Ditch the trendy sofa. Getting a vintage sofa instead of something that follows the latest modern furniture trend, is another tip for Earnest Hemingway style decor. Before you hit the big furniture stores, go to your local thrift stores to look for sofas. Try to find something that has the look of turn on the century French decor to give your living room the timeless style of Ernest Hemingway style decor.
  3. Put up some paintings. During his life, Ernest Hemingway was a avid art lover; his home was filled with paintings and sculptures for local artists and famous friends. Find a great picture of a seascape for the walls or an interesting sculpture to put on top of an entertainment center is another simple tip for Ernest Hemingway style decor.
  4. Replace your tiles. Get rid of the boring old white tiles in your kitchen and replace them with Spanish tiles. During his life Ernest Hemingway developed a love for Spanish art, and that love was reflected in the brightly colored Spanish tiles that covered the bathroom and kitchen of the Hemingway home. Replacing your tiles with something bright is another tip for Ernest Hemingway style decor.
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