Tips On How To Windsurf For The First Time

Here are some tips on how to windsurf for the first time. Windsurfing for the first time can be a thrilling experience. With a few tips, you can be enjoying the excitement and sailing the waves in just a short time.

  1. Have the right equipment. Before windsurfing for the first time, consult with a professional instructor to assure you have the proper equipment. Rental equipment is typically available at resorts and at public beaches where the sport is popular.
  2. Get the equipment in the water. Getting the rig in the water is one of the most difficult parts of windsurfing for the first time. Carry the board above your head with the curved side up. Hold the sail down by your side, blocking the wind with your body. When you get to the desired destination in the water, straddle your board and hold the sail out to the right side of the board.
  3. Get started. Grab ahold of the cross bar of the sail. Plant your feet side-by-side on the board in a squatting position. Pull up on the crossbar and stand up at the same moment. Keep your legs slightly bent. When windsurfing for the first time, this action may take more than one try to accomplish.
  4. Catch the wind. Learning to steer is part of windsurfing for the first time. You may feel out of control the first few times the wind grabs the sail and propels you forward. Hold on. Pull the sail to the left or right slowly to catch the wind. Lean slightly forward or back to move the board left and right as the wind fills the sails.
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