Tips For Hunting Wild Game In Germany

Looking for tips for hunting wild game in Germany? If you've ever thought about hunting the Schwarzwald like a traditional German hunter in the traditional German green huntsman's cap and a sturdy pair of lederhosen, stick around and learn about hunting wild game in Germany. The modern German hunter, like those noble figures from lore, is held in high esteem, even as the country has gone through industrialization and modernization. Many people may not think of Germany as a place to hunt, but with a long history and cultural support for hunting as a noble tradition, Germany may be the next place for you to hunt wild game.

To hunt wild game in Germany, you will need:

  • Gun permits
  • Hunting permits
  • Evidence of participation in firearms training
  • Two passport photos
  • Hunting accident insurance
  • Hunter's civil liability insurance
  • A pass on the hunter examination
  • A firearm that holds two or fewer rounds in the magazine
  1. Consider going though an outfitter. If you are living in the United States, you may wish to choose a company that provides hunts in Germany. This option is costly, but the guidelines for bringing firearms into Germany for hunting wild game are strict. A German outfitter can prepare your way, make sure all insurance, hunting and access permits are covered and pave the way for you to have a positive experience hunting wild game in Germany.
  2. Do it yourself. If you are living on a U.S. military base in Germany, or you are an expat sampling all that Germany has to offer, you may choose to get your permits on your own to go hunting wild game in Germany. If you choose this path, you'll need to build relationships to assure you will have access to land for hunting when the season starts.
  3. Take a firearms safety class and hunting examination. Check with your local "Landeskriminalamt," or Land Office of Criminal Investigation, to apply for the hunting examination. It will be conducted once per year between February and April in Berlin by the "Jagdbehorde," or Hunting Authority. American firearms safety classes may be accepted for the firearms safety requirement, but check with the Landeskriminalamt for specific regulations.
  4. Gather the requirements for the application for a hunting license. Once you have passed the hunting examination, gather the required documents, including evidence of firearms safety training, two passport photos and proof of hunter accident insurance. You will submit these to the LKA to receive your license. The license is similar to a "blue card" in many of the United States. It allows you to apply for or purchase specific permits to hunt particular game.
  5. Get your hunter's permit. You can purchase a yearly local or "auslander" (citizen of another country) permit, daily local or auslander permit or a youth permit, depending on what is appropriate. This will allow you to hunt game such as wild boar, deer, fox, partridge, mallard and pigeon.
  6. Hunt in season. There are general seasons for game, but there are also state regulations, so it is recommended to ask landowners what game is in season in the local area, even within the larger hunting seasons.
  7. Join a German hunting organization. Connecting with and becoming a part of the local culture is highly valued in Germany, especially in participating in traditional activities like hunting wild game. Participating in hunting events and workshops through groups such as the DJV, Deutscher Jagdschutzverband (German Hunting Association) goes a long way toward joining the local hunting culture. In America we say there are a lot of ways of hunting that are legal, but that does not represent the ethics of fair chase. Understanding and participating in the local hunting culture and tradition can be as satisfying as a successful hunt for wild game in Germany.
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