Tips For Interpreting Eye Contact Meaning

Non-verbal communication is spoken with your eyes and not your mouth, so here are tips for interpreting eye contact meaning meaning. The expression on a person’s face tells a lot about what they are thinking and how they are feeling. Just looking at their eyes will tell you if they are in a good mood or a bad one. Is it safe to approach them or steer clear of them, here is how to interpret eye contact.

To interpret eye contact, you will need:

  • To be observant
  • Patient
  1. If a woman looks you up and down, it is easy to interpret the meaning. They are checking you out by starting with your face, they like  what they see and want to see more. Then, they scan down the rest of your body to see if they like the rest of you. When a woman gives that kind of eye contact to a guy, this is showing that they are at least physically attracted to you.

  2. The direct look is signaling a guy it’s okay to approach her. If you are in a crowded room and you catch the stare of a woman and she doesn’t just look away but holds your gaze for a moment, you can interpret this subtle look as an invitation to come over and introduce yourself.

  3. The strong attraction stare is not hard to interpret. She doesn’t care if you notice her staring at you. She is sending a bold statement with her eyes by not looking away. Her eyes slightly closed, biting on her bottom lip. She is giving you a seductive look; saying it’s time to make your move.

  4. A woman playing hard to get may take a little work. When she looks at you then looks away, you can interpret that as meaning she does have some attraction to you or she wouldn’t keep looking, but she doesn’t intend to make it easy for you to approach her. She thinks she is worth the chase, but this type of eye contact could also mean she is shy when she keeps looking away, even though she is attracted to you. The difference in interpreting if she’s playing hard to get or is she shy is her body language and posture.

It’s important to know how to interpret eye contact as well as make eye contact that’s clear and to the point of what your intentions are. Once you learn all the subtle hints, gestures and eye contact a woman gives, it will be easier for you to connect with her.

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