Tips For Making Eye Contact

These tips for making eye contact can be simple to use if you know how to make your eyes and smile work together, but if you give the wrong signal, you might let that person slip away. These tips will let you know how much and how little eye contact you should make.

To make eye contact you will need:

  • Eyes
  • Killer smile
  • Right technique
  1. Don’t be afraid to look someone in the eyes. If you are out and someone catches your gaze, you are obviously physically attracted to them, don’t just turn away. Look at them for a few seconds than slightly put your head down, with a little smile than look back-up to see if they are still looking. The first step is making eye contact and you just let that person know you are interested; without staring to hard.

  2. Making eye contact when you are on the move is a little harder to do. If you are somewhere like a shopping center and you spot someone walking the opposite direction as you, the window of opportunity to make eye contact may be brief. Slow down you want them to notice you, give them a little nod and a little smile and if they continue walking make sure to look back and see if they are looking at you. If they are, that might be your cue to double back and say hi.

  3. It’s important to make eye contact when you are on a date, especially if it’s a first date. Never let your eyes just wonder around unless you want that person to think you are really not interested in them, but if you are you interested in them, you better be attentive. Its okay to enjoy your meal if the date is at a restaurant, but not to the point where your eyes are focused more on your plate than on your date. Some-what mimic there eye jesters, when you are having a conversation whether it’s happy, excited or whatever the case may be, that let's them know you are really listening and in-tune to what they are saying.

  4. Rapid eye movement is not a good eye contact sign. If someone is blinking quite a bit, they are showing signs of being anxious about something or may be a little uncomfortable. Try to help them relax a bit, with a little humor. You will know they have calm down when their eye movement slows down.

Making eye contact can tell a lot about what a person is thinking. Do it right you may land yourself a date, do it wrong you might not get a second one.

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