Tips On Playing Video Poker

Video poker can be one of the most fun, exciting and profitable casino games to play, especially if you first brush up on these tips on playing video poker. If you play your cards correctly, video poker can actually be profitable to play, something very rare among the games offered by casinos which usually have odds stacked greatly against the player.

  1. Picking the right video poker game. One of the best (and most obvious) tips on playing video poker is to pick the right game to play. Video poker games in both casinos and online gambling sites can be set to pay out at different rates, and some types of games in general pay out at higher rates. While you'll have to do a little research yourself, one of the best video poker games to play in general is Jacks or Better, as it tends to have the highest payouts and is the easiest to learn as far as basic strategy.
  2. Learn basic strategy for video poker. Video poker is a lot like blackjack as far as the best tips on playing video poker being available in a simple basic strategy that's easy to learn. As far as Jacks or Better video poker, following a really simple basic strategy will remove almost all of the house edge. Video poker basic strategy charts can easily be found online, and they give you a simple ranking of what's best to play for, so that you know whether or not to keep a low pair or instead keep four cards to a flush, etc.
  3. Always play max coin. One of the fundamental tips on playing video poker is to always play for maximum coins so that you'll be eligible for royal flush bonuses. If that means you have to play at a 25 cent video poker machine instead of a dollar machine, do that, as the bonus on most machines for hitting a royal flush takes away a lot of the house's edge.
  4. Ride out the variance. Video poker is one of the best games for players to play as far as odds, but it's also a high variance game. That means that you'll have big swings in both directions, with streaks where it seems like all you do is lose money offset by really big wins when you hit a royal flush or quads. One of the best tips on playing video poker is to be prepared for this and to not change your strategy just because you're on a big losing streak.
  5. Don't chase losses. Like any game that involves gambling, you're going to have bad days sometimes playing video poker. When this inevitably happens, just ride it out and avoid the temptation to try to get all your money back by playing a higher stakes video poker machine than you normally play. This can quickly lead to escalating losses that just make a bad day much worse.
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