Tips For Reading People’s Body Language

In need of some tips for reading people’s body language? Women, especially, baffle men with their actions. Scores of men have been on a date or tried to approach a girl, all the time wondering, “Is she enjoying the conversation? Does she want me to move in closer?” Women often answer these questions not necessarily through words, but through their body language. Here are some tips on how to read the meaning behind common female moves:

  1. Look at what her hands are up to. A woman’s hands can often show what she’s thinking. Stroking the rim of her drink or the stem of her wine glass is a very sensual move. If she’s alone, that usually means she’s looking for someone to approach her. Make sure, though, that she is not tapping the glass. Tapping her fingers on a table or hammering texts into her phone signals impatience, and she might not be in the mood for a flirty chat.
  2. Watch her hair. A woman can insert a lot of sexual meaning into one little hair toss. If she’s running her fingers through her hair or performing the hair flip, she’s employing a classic come-hither move. And, if she flashes a megawatt smile at you while doing it, get over there and buy her a drink. Her body language practically screamed, "Come and talk to me."
  3. It’s all in the lips. Licking the lips is another come-hither seduction move. If she keeps licking her lips even after you’ve begun a conversation, the night is looking bright. And, rubbing an ice cube or any other item slowly over her lips is a body language cue that points to definite action later in the night.
  4. And in the hips. Watch the way she moves. If she sways her hips back and forth, she is clearly attempting to accentuate her curves and her femininity through her body. A woman interested in a guy might also glance back at him from over her shoulder, which means that he better follow.
  5. Where are her arms? When talking to a girl, if she leans back in laughter, that’s great. Leaning back, however, with a straight face and her arms crossed does not bode well for most men. She is basically sizing you up in this position, determining if you’re worth the conversation.
  6. Let the stars align. If she faces in towards you while talking, she’s giving a subtle sexual sign through her body language. If she opens her legs a little unconsciously while doing this, even better. People who are hitting it off also subconsciously begin to mirror each other’s moves. So if you reach for a drink, and she immediately does, she could be into you (or just like alcohol). If she turns away from you, on the other hand, and gives you the side treatment, her body language is telling you she probably isn't so interested. 
  7. Look into her eyes. A woman who gives you good eye contact or glances at you, darts her eyes down, and then looks up again is giving off an "I'm interested" vibe. If she avoids eye contact with you all together, though, or keeps staring off behind you at other things in the background, that is a very telling body language sign that she’s just not into you.
  8. Space invader. If a girl moves in closer than arm’s length, she has broken the spacial boundaries of polite conversation, and it’s a good sign that she’s interested in you. Wait for her to touch you first, on the shoulder, or even better, the leg. That light brush carries a lot of sexual meaning, and you can return the soft touch back.
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