Tips For Sexual Body Language

Knowing how to read sexual body language can help from everything from the first date to the bedroom. It can  be a good way to gauge a partner's interest and pick up on these essential non-verbal cues. While reading body language can be a complex process, there are some basics that can make a big difference.

  1. Synchrony. Mirroring the other person's body language can be a sign of attraction. At the very least it is a way of indicating that you are on the same page and building closeness with the other person.
  2. Body placement. It's common to align your body towards the object of your attraction. This means turning the face, shoulders, and hips in their direction while seated at a bar or leaning in towards them while having a conversation.
  3. Playing with hair. Some sexual body language experts believe that a woman fidgeting with her hair or repeatedly tucking it behind her ear can be a sign of sexual interest.  Be careful with this one though, it could also be a nervous gesture or mean that she just wants to get her hair out of her face.
  4. Other Facial Gestures. People tend to have more animated facial expressions when they are attracted to someone. A tip of the head can be a subtly flirtatious gesture. Raising and lowering the eyebrows can mean various things depending on the context, but some studies have shown that this can be a indication of sexual interest.
  5. Touch. Studies of body language indicate that a one second or less touch on the arm or shoulder can be interpreted as a friendly gesture, but anything longer is a sign of sexual attraction.



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