Tips For Taking A Break In A Relationship

Save your relationship by following these tips for taking a break in a relationship. Sometimes, you just need to take a break from your partner and your relationship. If you don't want the break to lead to a break-up, make sure you're both on the same page about the relationship. You don't want to end up like Ross on "Friends," screaming "we were on a break!" to anyone who'll listen.

  1. Set up ground rules for the break. It's not romantic, but then again, neither is agreeing to spend some time apart to see if you're really right for each other. Decide whether you can sleep with or date other people during the break, how long the break will go on and whether you'll spend time together during the break in the relationship.
  2. Use the break as a time of reflection on both your relationship and your goals. Consider why you feel so discontented with your relationship. Your partner may be standing in the way of your career goals or you may have done something you feel you can't share with her.
  3. Propose the break with care and caution. If you don't propose taking a break the right way, she may think you just want a few months to cheat on her and sample other women. Explain your reasons for the break clearly, such as you think spending time apart will strengthen your relationship and give you time to develop yourself. Of course, if your reason for wanting a break is to see other women, be prepared for a meltdown on her end.
  4. Set an end date for the break. You really don't want to go on an indefinite break. Make the date a month after the break begins. If you feel you need more time, talk to your partner about extending the break. You can also shorten the break if you find you miss her too much. Remember that she may want to shorten or extend the break herself.
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