Tips To Winning Low Limit Texas Hold ‘Em

Tips to winning low limit Texas hold 'em may not get you to the final table at the World Series of Poker, but they can help you pick up a few extra dollars at poker rooms and home games. Playing limit poker, especially low limit (1-2, 3-6, 5-10) is very different than playing no-limit, because it is tougher to bluff, and more players stay in hands to see the flop or even all the way through to the river. Here are some tips to winning low limit Texas hold 'em that will help the chips fall your way.

  1. Play tight. Playing tight—not staying in hands to see the flop with bad starting hands—will put you at a distinct advantage against most low limit Texas hold 'em players. If you don't read any further on this list of tips to winning low limit Texas hold 'em, be sure to keep this tip in mind. From early positions, only stay in with high pairs or hands like Ace-King. Since so many people stay in hands late, it is more likely that lower pairs or low suited connectors will be beaten by a draw.
  2. Don't chase. If you play a lot of hold 'em, you will be beaten by draws. This is just a fact of life. This doesn't mean you should chase draws, though. Be sure to measure pot odds before going ahead to chase a straight or a flush. Many books and sites offering tips on low limit Texas hold 'em or no-limit hold 'em have pot odds charts to study before hitting the tables.
  3. Forget about the Bad Beat jackpot. Many casinos with low limit games have a bad beat jackpot to encourage people with low pairs and suited connectors—potential four-of-a-kind or straight flush hands—to stay in when they should not. Do not chase the jackpot; it can cause you to play losing hands at high cost.
  4. Bet the nuts. Because so many people are willing to chase after hands with low odds of coming up, if you have a nut flush or nut straight, bet it up to the cap at every chance you can. This is where you will make your money.
  5. Set a limit for yourself. As with any gambling, it is important to set an amount of money that you can lose, and then stop when that money is gone. This the most important of our tips for winning low limit Texas hold 'em. Sometimes you just have a bad day with the cards, and it is important not to lose your shirt if that's the case.


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