Tobey Maguire Workout For ‘Brothers’

You want to learn about Tobey Maguire's workout for "Brothers." Tobey Maguire followed a strict exercise and diet to make his already skinny body even more thin, but with a muscular touch.

Here are some things to help you try Tobey Maguire's workout:

  • Time dedicated to strenuous workout
  • Ability to run
  • Caloric intake of 1200
  1. A lot of cardio. Tobey Maguire put a lot of time in to running alone. And then he did a cardio workout for at least an hour. He even exercise during lunch. That is going to be a bit extensive for a lot of people. But for the movie role he was training for his end goal and physical form fit.
  2. Lots of running. Tobey ran six to eight miles a day of running. Tobey Maguire was training to get the look of a 30 year old marine with a slightly gaunt look to him for Brothers.
  3. Food? Not on this diet. Keep the fast food to a minimum. Tobey Maguire was on a strict 1200 calorie a day diet to get this exerted military look for Brothers. And if you have seen Tobey Maguire, you know he wasn't exactly stalky to begin with.

The director of "Brothers" was actually a little concerned about Tobey Maguire taking on the extreme diet for ''Brothers'', because Tobey Maguire is already thin and it could have negative side effects on his body down the road. It's almost impressive that the director was concerned for Tobey Maguire since Hollywood is usually pretty callous about actors health and emotional well being. In general, this is definitely not the diet people should try to lose weight with since it is so excessive. Tobey Maguire had a dietitian working with him and tracking his weight and health.

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