Tom Brady Stats

What are Tom Brady's stats? Tom Brady has already had one of the more successful careers in professional football. As the quarterback for the New England Patriots from 2000 to the present, he has already won three Super Bowl rings.

Tom Brady's career stats to date:

  1. Career seasons played – Tom Brady has played eleven seasons with the New England Patriots. He has played for the Patriots for each of their three Super Bowl championships in franchise history.
  2. Career games – Tom Brady has played in 162 games with the New England Patriots. His record in those games is 125-37 for a 77% winning percentage. This is currently the highest of any quarterback of the Super Bowl era.
  3. Career passing attempts – Tom Brady has attempted 4710 passes in the 162 games he has played as a New England Patriot.
  4. Career completions – Tom Brady has completed 2996 completions in his career. This is a competition percentage of 63%. This shows he is an extremely accurate passer. In fact, he completed 162 consecutive passes without an interception to start his career. He also recently broke the record for for consecutive passes without an interception at 335 completions.
  5. Career yards – Tom Brady has passed for 34,744 yards in his 2996 completions. This is a very impressive 7.4 yards per catch.
  6. Career Touchdowns – Tom Brady has thrown 261 touchdown in 162 games. In 2005 Tom Brady tied an NFL record for the number of players he threw touchdown passes to. He threw touchdowns to twelve different receivers that year.
  7. Career Interceptions – Tom Brady has thrown 103 interceptions in 162 games. Now this may sound like a lot, but it really is an excellent figure. Tom Brady currently has the record for touchdown to interception ratio for quarterbacks with 2000 or more passing attempts. This ratio is 2.53 to one.
  8. Career rushes – Tom Brady has rushed the ball 336 times in his 162 games as a Patriot. One can only imagine his coaches heartbeat after each one of those attempts. One does not risk a golden armed quarterback by rushing the ball often, that is what a running back is for.
  9. Career rushing yards – Tom Brady has rushed for 607 yards in his 336 games. This comes out to an average of 1.8 yards per rush. Compare it to his 7.4 yards per reception and one gets an idea of his value to the New England Patriots, and it is not with his legs.
  10. Career rushing touchdowns – Tom Brady has scored seven touchdowns rushing the ball. Again, you have to imagine how his coach agonized over each one of those touchdowns, even though they scored points.
  11. Career fumbles – Tom Brady has fumbled the ball seventy-two times. That really is not a bad number when you figure he has passed the ball 4710 times, rushed the ball 336 times and handed the ball off to a running back who knows how many times. Fumbling the ball seventy-two times while having handled the ball such a great number of times is not bad at all.

Those are the stats of Tom Brady. They are impressive to say the least. Tom Brady's stats are however, incomplete. At this point in time, Tom Brady is still in very good health, is fairly young, and shows no deterioration in his playing abilities. Who knows what Tom Brady's stats will be by the time he retires, but they aught to be pretty impressive when he does.

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