Tom Ford: Style

If you want to learn how to dress in Tom Ford style, then be prepared to dress up. Tom Ford enjoys clean lines and simplicity, but in his mind this means high end clothing. Tom Ford is on of the most influential fashion designers today. His hand has touched Perry Ellis, Gucci, and his own appropriately named, Tom Ford, clothing line. His look is upper class American with a European flair. Sexy and confident, Tom Ford has definite style.

  1. Wear a quality suit. A slim fitting, tailored designer suit is the glue that holds Tom Ford's look together. He is quoted as saying that "Americans have grown too accustomed to being comfortable; I find a different kind of comfort when I know I look good."
  2. Iron a crisp white shirt. Whether that shirt is a T-shirt or a high-end button down, it should be pure white and wrinkle-free.
  3. Leave the shirt open. Show your chest off. Having a well toned body is a given when deciding to dress like Tom Ford.
  4. Button your jacket. One button is enough to trim your silhouette.
  5. Take self care to the extreme. Buff, polish, trim, work out, and focus on your appearance. This man is not only a fashion designer, but a sex symbol and his own model.
  6. Stay away from trendy clothes. Veer towards crisp designer classics. 
  7. Wear a pair of aviator sunglasses. Tom Ford sunglasses are part of his clothing line. Choosing a pair from his collection makes the most sense when deciding to emulate his style.



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