Tom Jones Songs

Tom Jones songs are many times fun because the man is just such a great performer. He may get lumped in with older lounge singers, but he also keeps more up to date than many of those in his usual group of performers.

  1. "It's Not Unusual"  Is it really true that it's not unusual to be loved by anyone? If so, then why are there so many songs about people wanting and needing to be loved? Of course, this is a lighthearted, swinging song, sung by one of the most swinging guys on the universe. It's probably not unusual for a guy like Tom Jones to find love.
  2. What's New Pussycat?  These days, it seems highly unlikely that Tom Jones would sing a Burt Bacharach song in a Woody Allen movie. But that's wht happened with this kitty ditty. It fit purrr-fectly.
  3. Delilah  This is Tom Jones singing a Bible story song about Delilah. It's all about adultery and murder. However, Tom Jones sells the drama in that pretty singing package of his. You've likely sung along with it without really realizing what it was all about.
  4. She's A Lady   Tom Jones recorded a Paul Anka song when he sang "She's A Lady." This is so much more mature than much of Anka's teen stuff. Perhaps Anka could have gotten away with it in later life. But that's all speculation. This is one fine Tom Jones song.
  5. Green, Green Grass of Home  Tom Jones is famous for mugging in concert while roaming the stage in tight pants. But he must slow it down and get serious during "Green, Green Grass of Home." That's because this song is about a guy on death row that only wants to see his home once more before he dies. Don't ever ask this guy, 'So, what's new pussycat?'


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