Tonsillectomy Recovery

If you need to have a tonsillectomy, you should learn about the tonsillectomy recovery process. A tonsillectomy is a common surgical procedure during which both tonsils are removed from the sides of the throat. A tonsillectomy is a common surgical procedure which is performed when other interventions have failed. Tonsillectomies are recommended when the tonsils become infected or inflamed frequently. A tonsillectomy might also be performed as a treatment for rare diseases involving the tonsils, like some types of breathing problems or cancers.

Recovery time for a tonsillectomy is generally short. This is true unless there are complications with the surgery, like excessive bleeding, which can result in a longer hospital stay (this is extremely rare). Some individuals elect to have their adenoids removed during the same operation and this can increase the recovery time for a tonsillectomy and increase bleeding. The average amount of time for recovery is approximately seven days. Children generally recover more quickly than adults, so if you are an older adult, you should plan for a longer recovery time from your tonsillectomy.

During your tonsillectomy recovery, you will likely receive a prescription for some type of pain killer or anti-inflammatory to reduce the pain in your throat. In order to reduce your recovery time, it is very important that you follow your doctor's post-surgery instructions for rest, diet and medication. You can generally return to your normal activities once you no longer require medication and you are eating a normal diet.

During your tonsillectomy recovery, you will be told not to smoke, since this can increase the risk of infection and bleeding. You should also eat foods that are easy to swallow and won't irritate your throat. It is important to avoid foods like chips and spicy foods during your tonsillectomy recovery, since these foods can cause irritation. Liquids are important after a tonsillectomy and so are soft foods like yogurt and applesauce.

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