Tony Hawk Underground Soundtrack Song List

The "Tony Hawk Underground" soundtrack song list has a number of great hits. Unlike later games, most seem to be strongly centered around music that is actually popular with skateboarders. As one of the last great Tony Hawk games, it only stands to reason that it should have had a strong soundtrack. 

  1. "Big Bang" by Bad Religion. Bad Religion is near the top of the list of quintessential skate punk bands. The songs, the melodies, the lyrics—it all works. It would be disappointing for them not to have a track in a Tony Hawk game.
  2. "White Riot" by The Clash. Sometimes, games need to go old school. If you are going with skateboarding, why not go with the Clash? It's not quite "London Calling", but what is?
  3. "Time to Go" by Dropkick Murphys. It's a bit odd that the Murphys don't show up often in skating games. The mix of aggression and speed seem like a perfect fit. What else does one need in "Underground"?
  4. "Suffer Some" by Jane's Addiction. This is a skater's song. Not just great for "Underground", but for anything related to the sport. It captures the vibe of the game quite well.
  5. "Rock 'n Roll All Night" by Kiss. An absolute classic. It works well within the story of "Underground", too. Kiss has three songs on the soundtrack, but this one is the best.
  6. "You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar…" by Queens of the Stone Age.  The true song title is, of course, longer. It's QOTSA, so what do you expect? Still, a stellar song from the band.
  7. "Like the Angels" by Rise Against. Another song that seems custom tailored for a Tony Hawk game. The beat is just enough not to throw a gamer off task, but interesting enough to earn a repeat on the track listing. Perfect gaming track.
  8. "Seed" by Sublime. There should be a law that every skating game needs Sublime. Really, there should. Not just "Underground", but every skating game.
  9. "Mommy's Little Monster" by Social Distortion. The opening guitar riff makes this perfect for the game. It's got everything you can ask of from an "Underground" song, really. How Social Distortion does not make its way onto every video game soundtrack is somewhat of a mystery.
  10. "Cosmic Assassins" by DJ Qbert.  A rare hip-hop track on "Underground". It's got the perfect flow for a Tony Hawk game, and can stick in your head for days. Great for pulling off a good line of tricks.
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