Top 10 80’s Christian Rock Songs

Praise the Lord with these top 10 80’s Christian rock songs. Christian music changed a lot in the 80's and many artists release Christian songs in the popular styles of the time. This made Christian rock songs as diverse as mainstream rock music of the time. So even if you like metal or punk, get ready to rock so loud that God can hear you.

  1. “He is the Rock” by Whitecross (1987). This is one of the best Christian metal songs of all time. It peeked at #17 on the Billboard’s Top Contemporary Christian Album chart. Many people complain that Christian music can’t compete with secular songs in their genre but this song could blow many popular 80's songs away.
  2. “Love Comes Down” by REZ (1988). This Christian glam rock band enjoyed a lot of mainstream success. This song got a decent amount of airplay on MTV. The video featured a young party girl who is helped by a stranger.
  3. “The Coloring Song” by Petra (1981). This is a soft rock song by one of the best Christian bands of the 80’s. It tells of God’s great love by using colors in the lyrics. It’s an uplifting and beautiful song that is set to a catch rock beat.
  4. “Makes me Wanna Sing” by Stryper (1985). Christian music broke down a lot of barriers in the 80's and one example of this is the band Stryper. This band was one of the first Christian heavy metal bands. Band member Michael Sweet was known to throw Bibles to the audience at all of their shows. The song “Makes me Wanna Sing” was by far the best song off of their gold record “Soldiers Under Command”.
  5. “If You Will” by Deliverance (1989). This is another band that broke new ground in Christian music during the 80's. Deliverance was one of the first successful Christian thrash metal bands. This song is a wonderful example of how even metal can be uplifting.
  6. “I Got Your Number” by Newsboys (1988). Australia gave the world this great group that helped spread Christian pop rock. This song was the first single off of their debut album and it had a wavey pop sound. The band is still popular in Christian music today.
  7. “No Apologies” by Whiteheart (1986). This was one of the most popular Christian rock songs in the 80's. The band caught a lot of criticism for their gimmicky songwriting and lack of originality. Members Dann Huff and David Huff later left Whiteheart and created the secular band Giant that was famous for the song “I’ll see you in my dreams”.
  8. “You Are the One” by Keith Green (1982). Green was known for his worship songs with a little bit of a soft rock vibe to them. This was one of his last hits before he died tragically in a plane crash.
  9. “El Shaddai” by Amy Grant (1982). The title of this song is a Judaic name for God and is normally translated as “God Almighty”. Grant is one of the few Christian artists that has successful crossed over to have secular success. She is still current today.
  10. “God Rules” by Undercover (1983). This song helped to establish Undercover in Christian music. The lineup of Undercover has changed much over the years but in 2005 the band played two reunion shows.  
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