Top 10 80’s Soft Rock Songs

The 80's are more known for it's hard rock hair bands, but these 10 best 80's soft rock songs really scream 80's music. The soft rock songs of the 80's are a combination of country rock and folk rock blended to form a sound that was very popular for many mainstream music lovers.

  1. "Call Me." "Call Me" was Blondie's biggest selling single. It became the theme for the movie "American Gigolo" starring Richard Gere. This soft rock song was released in 1980 and spent six weeks at number one on the charts.
  2. "Burning Down the House." This 1983 hit from the Talking Heads was released as part of their "Speaking in Tongues" album. Surprisingly this song charted much higher in the US than it did anywhere else.
  3. "Owner of a Lonely Heart." Yes, the progressive rock band from the UK released this song in 1983. Some of the band members from Yes are still touring so the song still lives live in concert to this day.
  4. "Centerfold." There is no other soft rock band that says 80's more than the J Geils Band. "Centerfold" is about a guy who has a crush on an innocent girl in high school, and later sees her as the centerfold in a men's magazine. This song was a huge hit in the early days of MTV.
  5. "Can't Fight this Feeling." This song was one of the two number one hits from REO Speedwagon. They performed this soft rock song on "Live Aid" in 1985, and it also was featured in a "South Park" episode.
  6. "White Wedding." Billy Idol deserves to have several songs on this list, but "White Wedding" was one of his best and most mainstream songs.
  7. "Hungry Like A Wolf." Duran Duran is music of the 80's. They also could have several soft rock songs on this list.
  8. "When Doves Cry." This song by Prince off of his "Purple Rain" album hit the top of the charts within six weeks of being released. The combination of keyboards and percussion was Prince at his best.
  9. "These Dreams." Heart was the female rock band of the 80's, and "These Dreams" is probably one of the best soft rock ballads of the 80's.
  10. "Tender is the Night." This was one of the most popular tracks from Jackson Bowne's "Lawyers in Love" album.  The powerful guitar playing by Danny Kortchmar keeps it on the rock side of the pop/rock genre.
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