Top 10 Action Movies Of 2007

This compilation of the top 10 action movie of 2007 is based on popularity, ticket sales and the star power. Action movies cross several genres as does this list. See which ones you saw and missed. Check out the ten best action movies of 2007 at your local video store or online. Action movies of 2007 were some of the best of the decade. Once you have reviewed the list of the ten best action movies, you too will see.

  1. “300” The year 2007 is when director Zach Snyder’s epic, "300" was released. This film provided cinematography which was ground breaking. This exceptional film put the Spartans on everyone’s search engine.
  2. “No Country for Old Men” This brutal action film put Javier Bardem on the map. Another boisterous movie from Cohen Brothers, "No Country for Old Men" became an instant classic. Bloody and relentless are two words to describe this adrenaline filled film.
  3. “I am Legend” A groundbreaking movie loaded with action and adventure. This fantastic film should rate as one of the best action-dramas ever made. Written by Mark Protosevich who also brought us is The Cell in the year 2000.
  4. “The Bourne Ultimatum” This action packed thriller is a franchise winner. Matt Damon’s performance is stellar, making this one of the nest action movies ever.
  5. “Transformers: The Movie” This 2007 trip down the 1980s was action packed and full of curves. Who could forget Megan Fox in this dynamic and exciting remake of the infamous 1980s cartoon? This great movie put Shia LeBeouf on the map.
  6. Lust, Caution” is an epic tale set in China. This erotic action/thriller was Ang Lee’s offering. "Lust, Caution" is a very controversial film that offered a look at China unlike any prior. Hats off to Mr. Lee for having the balls to enlighten us all with this provocative movie.
  7. “Hot Fuzz” Okay, maybe this is pushing the action portion with this comedy. However, this move seriously had plenty of action to go along with the laughs. Hot Fuzz was a wonderfully directed and acted movie from across the pond.
  8. “Eastern Promises” This movie solidified Viggo Mortensen as a box office superstar. An action flick set in the gangster ridden Eastern European block, offers plenty of action. This is a great movie for those into action and gruesome violence.
  9. “Before the Devil Knows You Are Dead” 2007 brought the return of Sidney Lumet. In this offering, Lumet chronicles the lives of two brothers after a robbery gone wrong. This is a great action/thriller with expected twists and turns.
  10. “The Orphanage” this 2007 Spanish horror/action film is a special treat. All too often foreign films are over looked. This is one of those films that are a must see, if you are an action or horror buff.
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