Top 10 Action Movies of the ’80s

With so many to choose from, it's hard to choose the top ten action movies of the '80s?  From military to martial arts, the '80s had it all.

  1. "Die Hard." John McClane, played by Bruce Willis, arrives in New York to attend a Christmas party with his wife. Unfortunately terrorist have other plans in mind and hold everyone in the office building hostage.
  2. "Predator." Dutch, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger and a group of commandos go into a South America jungle to hunt terrorists. What they find is skinless bodies and an invisible killer alien.
  3. "Robocop." Peter Weller played the half-man, half-machine title character, Robocop.
  4. "Lethal Weapon." Two complete opposites, Mel Gibson and Danny Glover, are partnered together in this cop based '80s action movie. Three more "Lethal Weapon" movies followed the original.
  5. "The Terminator." The catchphrase “I’ll be back” originated from this '80s classic action movie. The Terminator, also played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, says the line when he is denied entrance into the police station, which he eventually gains entry to by driving a car through the door.
  6. "First Blood." Who can forget the first Rambo movie? John Rambo, played by Sylvester Stallone, suffers from horrible memories of the Vietnam War. A sheriff in a small town arrests then abuses him. Rambo goes ballistic and wages a one man war in this intense action movie.
  7. "Commando." Arnold Schwarzenegger played John Matrix, a retired commando. His daughter is kidnapped and John comes out of retirement to save her from an exiled dictator.
  8. "Red Dawn." This '80s military action flick depicts a future World War III where the Soviet Union attacks the United States. Patrick Swayze plays the character Jed, one of the teenagers that escape the attack on the school.
  9. "48 Hours." A cop, Nick Nolte, is partnered up with an ex-con, Eddie Murphy, chaos is sure to ensue.
  10. "Bloodsport." Frank Dux was Jean-Claude Van Damme's first starring role in this all-time great '80s action flick. Frank competes in an underground martial arts tournament where only the best fighters in the world are allowed to compete.

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