Top 10 Action Movies Of All Time

Every movie buff should add these top 10 action movies of all time to their collection. Now, keep in mind that a great action movie has to have more than just pure action. Yes, it is true that stunts and special effects are important; however lets not forget what makes an action film endearing. This is its ability to relate to the fans. Just because a movie has non-stop action, does not mean that it will have wide spread popularity. No, what makes an action movie great is its ability to keep the viewer on the edge of their seat, to draw them into the action, and to make them care about the characters.  This is why all of these following movies certainly belong in a list of top ten action movies of all time.

  1. “Enter the Dragon.” No list comprising the top ten action movies of all time is complete without a butt kicking martial arts film. And well, this one has Bruce Lee.
  2. “Die Hard.” Jon McClane, played by Bruce Willis, is just your average everyday police officer; but this does not stop him from foiling the plans of some highly trained international thieves. This movie has it all: edge of your seat action complemented by some very memorable lines. 
  3. “Matrix.” Sure, he cannot act but, for one brief shining moment, Keanu Reeves was on top; and then he made the Matrix II. Still, the Matrix, the first movie in an ill-advised trilogy, helped reinvent the movie going experience for a generation. 
  4. “Terminator 2.” Even if you hate sci-fi, cannot stand Arnold Schwarzenegger, and prefer a good "dramedy" to an action movie, you will find yourself sucked into this story line. Full of great lines, suspense, and well-thought-out action, “Terminator 2” might just be the best action movie of all time. 
  5. “Bourne Identity.” With all due respect to James Bond as played by Sean Connery, the Bourne movies starring Matt Damon are some of the most creative, well thought out, and intense spy action movies ever made. 
  6. “The Great Escape.” Unless you are an extreme movie aficionado, you may have overlooked the greatness of this film. Even though it was filmed close to fifty years, the movie’s intensity still has the ability to captivate and awe an audience. 
  7. “Indiana Jones.” Something about Harrison Ford just makes these movies endearing.  Maybe it is bullwhip, maybe it is the fedora, or maybe it is just his ability to kick some Nazi butt. 
  8. “Lord of the Rings.” The mythical world of author J.R.R. Tolkien stands to be one of the most successful book-to-film adaptations today. Who would have thought that a movie featuring little people, elves, and wizards could be so popular?  Yet, for some reason, it works, making this the greatest trilogy of action movies ever.  
  9. “Rambo.” The Rambo movies are pure action.  Sylvester Stallone in the 80's? Enough said. 
  10. “Blood Sport.” This movie makes the list of best action movies based on pure entertainment value. Yes, the production value is low, and yes, the acting is awful. But one still cannot help but root for Jean Claude Van Damme. 
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