Top 10 Adult Comedies

The top 10 adult comedies feature R-rated material that pushes the envelope of decency but remains some of the funniest movies ever made. From sex comedies to drug comedies to action packed comic adventures, these are the best comedies ever made, geared towards older audiences.

  1. “The Hangover” – “The Hangover” beat out “Beverly Hills Cop” as the highest grossing R-rated film ever, making it one of the top ten adult comedies of all time. Four guys head to Vegas to celebrate a bachelor’s party. When they wake up the next day, the bachelor is missing and no one remembers what happened.
  2. “Animal House” – This classic National Lampoon movie is one of the top ten adult comedies of all time. The movie follows the exploits of a party fraternity who finds itself fighting for their survival when the school’s Deans and a rival fraternity attempt to shut them down.
  3. “Beverly Hills Cop” – Eddie Murphy stars in this R-rated comedy. Axel Foley is a reckless Detroit cop whose childhood friend is killed. He is not allowed to investigate, so he heads out on his own to Beverly Hills to find the men responsible.
  4. “Hot Fuzz” – Edgar Wright spoofs the buddy cop genre in this adult comedy. Simon Pegg is the best cop on the London police force but is reassigned to a small country town where he encounters residents who seem to ignore all crimes, calling them accidents, for the greater good.
  5. “Pineapple Express” – James Franco and Seth Rogan star as a drug dealer and his client who end up on the run when one of them witnesses a murder. The movie features high levels of drug humor and earned James Franco a Golden Globe nomination for his performance. It was also parodied at the Academy Awards that year.
  6. “Knocked Up” – Judd Apatow directs this top adult comedy. Seth Rogan stars as a slacker who meets an attractive woman at a bar and has a one-night stand. When she ends up pregnant, the two must decide if they are willing to try to make it work.
  7. “Old School” – Will Ferrell, Luke Wilson and Vince Vaughn star as three middle aged men who decide to relive their college years by starting up their own fraternity. In an interesting twist, Jeremy Piven, an actor who starred in a similar movie called PCU, plays the opposing role in this movie as the Dean.
  8. “Shaun of the Dead” – Edgar Wright directs this zombie comedy starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. The movie is a comedy but still pays tribute to the horror genre it spoofs. The movie was such a success that horror director George Romero asked Pegg and Frost to appear in his zombie sequel, “Land of the Dead.”
  9. “Tropic Thunder” – Ben Stiller directs this, one of the top adult comedies of all time. The movie follows a film crew making a war movie in a country that is in the middle of a war. When the actors are mistaken for actual military men, they find themselves in real danger, without even realizing it.
  10. “Van Wilder” – National Lampoon helped kick-start the career of Ryan Reynolds in this adult comedy. Reynolds plays a seventh year senior who rules the university and never wants to leave. When the school decides to expel Van Wilder, he decides to prove he can graduate after all.
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